Australia is one of the favorite destinations for many hence they have chosen the country to be their second home or the place to settle there. The country is known for its culturally diverse, racially tolerant society that welcomes and offers opportunity to all. Australia is a beautiful and varied place of contrasts which offers a vast landscape and the exotic flora and fauna and has become a vital destination for business development and growth in the 21st Century.

Since 1945 millions of people of diverse origin and culture have come to call Australia home. Over the years Australia has evolved an immigration policy which encourages anyone around the world to migrate, provided they fall under the prescribed requirements of the Australian immigration policy, regardless of gender, religion or ethnic and national origin.

As the country is increasingly participating in international markets a greater importance is placed on the skill element because of specific skills deficit in the workforce. Therefore the government encourages high skilled migration from foreign countries

Along with this, the government also encourages business migrants with capital and international experience to contribute to Australia's economic expansion.

Finally Australia offer many things for migrated people hence every year people around the world try to migrate because few reasons as follows:
• Career opportunities
• Quality of life
• For the love of an Aussie culture
• Culture
• Education opportunities
• Weather
• Landscape
• Sport
• Shopping
• Food


Canada a huge land mass in the North American continent is one of the G-7 Nations and the second largest country in the world. It is a developed country which offers not only an excellent working condition but also an outstanding education system with high standard of living and a health care system.

For five consecutive years the country has been ranked as the best place to live by The United Nations o the basis of quality of life, educational opportunities, unemployment and crime rates, and life expectancy.

Along its population Canada is composed of millions of immigrant people who have contributed a lot for the country’s development and strengthening its economic base. Hence each year the country welcomes new immigrants having diversified backgrounds and cultures. Canada provides the most positive immigration policies and government further plans to admit more qualified immigrants each year.

Therefore it is a popular choice for many to migrate and the migrants further benefits as follows:
• Migration for both skilled workers and investors
• Successful full family migration
• Free of cost for education and medicals
• Many opportunities for software professionals
• Canadian Citizenship within three years of arrival in Canada with PR status
• Allow dual citizenship
• Government welfare benefits
• Minimal government regulations for own business
• Access to the United States and Mexico markets