Frequently Asked Question

Are there any scholarships available?

There are many scholarships funded by the college and independent corporates for international students to enable them to study without worrying about the costs incurred. If you are eligible for such scholarships, we will inform you. Many scholarships require you to sit for an entrance test and for some scholarships your application is automatically considered. So in case, any additional preparation is required, you should know the details and complete information which you will be informed.

What requirements do I need to fulfill?

Abroad, all the colleges/ Universities have different requirements that prospective students need to fulfill. You will have to submit letters of recommendation, statement of purpose or some on-job work experience might also be required. Since the requirement of all the courses is different, you will have to customize your application accordingly. Be clear from the beginning about what documents need to be submitted.

Am I eligible to apply for the course of my choice?

Well, this is actually depending on the requirement of your desired university/ Institute/ College. If you want to transfer your credit, many universities don’t recognize degrees conferred by Bangladeshi institutes/Universities. One should always make sure that the college accepts your educational degrees and you are not required to take any bridge course to be able to eligible for the course. If you are not eligible to the course, then there will be few conditional course.

How much will the course cost?

The overall cost will ultimately depend on a variety of factors including your destination city, cost of living, personal expenses, the fees charged by your university, additional costs like insurance etc. There are many state universities which offer quality education at marginal costs compared to private universities. Many of these courses may be within your budget; make sure to ask the consultant about price comparison between various universities.

Can you provide the references of the students the file of whom you processed earlier?

Check out for the testimonials of the students or the candidates that got their visa processed from our consultants. See what are their views, how many days did it take for them to get everything done. If possible, try to contact them and take their reviews about the same. This can let you know how to process further and how to get through your student visa.

What kind of Colleges / Universities do you offer?

Well, this question is very important to us. You should know where you are going and where you are planning to study. People will surely lure you into their traps, simply for making you their client, earning money. But this is not what you desire. Excellence Consultants will help you out on this case. We will study your educational qualification and show where you fit well. We can assure you that you are able to get you to the desired university or college if you fulfill their requirements. Afterward, you will decide which one is good for you.

Do I need to clear IELTS or TOEFL in order to get an addmission?

IELTS and TOEFL examinations are not required for all countries, but they do support your application as proficiency in the English language is considered mandatory in most universities. Some countries such as US, UK and Germany require that applicants have cleared either their IELTS or TOEFL exams.

Why use an education consultant?

Access to global education opportunities and destinations has expanded dramatically in recent years. At the same time, changing political and education landscapes can result in confusion and anxiety. We help applicants demystify international application processes.