Meet the team of SFU & FIC.

Simon Fraser University is again ranked as Canada’s top comprehensive university in the 2018 Maclean’s rankings. It’s an honor we have held nine times in the past ten years, and affirms what we at SFU already know – we’re a great university. Direct pathway into year two of Simon Fraser University undergraduate degrees. FIC University Transfer Program II courses are equivalent to Simon Fraser University's first-year bachelor degree. Why? 1. An opportunity to earn a degree from one of Canada's best universities 2. Combined Letter of Offer for FIC and Simon Fraser University 3. Small class sizes mean you get more personal attention from lecturers 4. Study in the world's most liveable City 5. Apply for a 3 Year Graduate Work Permit upon graduation from Simon Fraser University FIC provides international students a direct pathway to year two at Simon Fraser University. The FIC pathway provides a smooth transition into Simon Fraser University. University designed programs, taught by qualified instructors on the main Simon Fraser University Campus, ensure that our students have the very best preparation for the demands of higher education in Canada. FIC students are treated like university students and, with the added benefits of smaller classes, students receive more personalized attention in a dynamic and supportive environment that better equips them for life at University. We look forward to welcoming you and supporting you on your journey to Simon Fraser University.